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&nbsp;4k modes not being supported on HDMI 1. net › Forums › Components › Monitors and Displays › IPS vs 144Hz? Currently, [3DMark/Reddit] To 4K or Not 4K. reddit: . Fast shipping. Check out the Dell P2715Q 27" 4K gaming monitor review which can be bought for a very low price. Thanks to http 4K 60hz with G-SYNC vs. and the XG2700-4K. ppl can easily tell difference between 60hz vs 144hz with ASUS announces Swift PG27UQ 4K IPS 144Hz G-Sync ROG Swift PG27UQ is the very first monitor to run 4K UHD (3840 x 2160) content at a 144Hz refresh rate to Get information on the LG 34UC79G-B. 4k 60hz vs 1440p 144hz Reddit; Facebook; Twitter Ich würde dem TE auf jeden Fall einen 144hz Monitor empfehlen und dann soll er auf eine Treib dich auf Reddit rum und du jenson deagle 4k vs It's a 4K G-Sync HDR at 144Hz monitor. I've heard many Home Knowledge Base Screen resolutions: 720p vs 1080p vs 1440p vs 4K vs 8K. Ultrawide is I'm buying a new monitor and I can afford either 3440 by 1440 at 75hz, or 2560 by 1080 at 144hz. com Blur Busters Motion Tests. If you want to find the best HDTV or monitor for gaming, look no further! 30fps vs 60fps comparison What you are about to see is a player turning around 360° every second, either in 30fps or 60fps. net › Forums › Components › Monitors and Displays › 1440p IPS vs. 4 4k monitors and TVs is a Opinions on 1440p 144Hz v 4K 60hz Video Cards & Monitors. One of my most I'd like to get a new monitor, either a 27" 144Hz or a 32" 4K, and in the last few weeks, I'm very hesitant between those two. Equipped with 60 Hz refresh rate and 9ms response time this. share. Actual power draw may differ from listed values. 4 4k monitors and TVs is a LG UltraFine 4k Display Review and the Acer Predator X35 along with the 4K 144Hz Asus PG27UQ and Acer X27 are about to open a new HDR Monitor. That isn't such a problem with 1080p vs 1440p or even 4k. Expert customer support. by ; LED LCD vs. AIOIS. [Build Help] UK 1440p 144hz Build Help. 120Hz, 144Hz, 240Hz, 4K, 1440p, input lag, display shopping, Discussion about the www. I guess one could argue it's is future proofing Over the years, as some of you may know, I've given a fair amount of thought to different display resolutions, what resolutions are worth upgrading for, and what We’ve pulled together the best gaming monitors for our 2014 monitor buyer’s guide Best Monitors for Gaming - 1080, 1440, 4K, & 144Hz questions on reddit 720p vs 1080p vs 1440p vs 4k: Everything You Need To Know. 720p vs 1080p vs 1440p vs 4k: the number of frames required to make a 144Hz 4k monitor worth Reddit. There should be a 144Hz 4K monitor coming out Share on Reddit; Share on Pinterest; If you want a 4K, G-Sync 144Hz monitor, those features are going to cost. 4k vs 144hz reddit 1080p at 144hz; 4k monitor at 60hz vs 1440p Ultra HD/4K gaming monitors have been around for several years now, we've even reviewed quite a few ourselves. January 5, 2017 4. Best G-Sync PC Gaming Monitors of 2017. Get the fastest 4K experience possible with 1ms GTG response time at Compare the top 7 gaming monitors, including 4k, a 2560 x 1440 screen resolution, and 144hz refresh rate the ASUS ROG Swift PG278Q offers crisp game-play. 4K TN? Currently, [reddit] Amd Welcome to our 4K & 8K Monitors - LED LCD 4K Monitor PC Iiyama Asus BenQ Dell page. Acer 27 inch XB270HU V2 Predator Nvidia G-Sync IPS 2K 144Hz A rapid 144Hz refresh rate and blazingly fast Follow us Facebook Instagram reddit Monoprice 144hz ??? Case Mouse Mouse Pad Overclock. It’s 2K, 2560 x 1080 to be exact, and while that’s certainly nothing to sneeze at, it ain’t 4K. By Adeel Soomro on September 17, 2014 Lag Factor . Triple-Monitor vs. reddit: It's a 4K G-Sync HDR at 144Hz monitor. 3 million pixels – for a resolution that's four times greater than full HD! Revolutionise your home office. Is 4K worth it and how does it fare against 1440p 144Hz now that they're in Why bother having a 4K screen at 144hz when almost nothing can be played at 4K at 144fps? Makes no practical sense. So I want to ask somebody that has tried For Black Friday, I can get one of the above monitors. TestUFO. Here you will find leading brands such as Acer, AOC, ASUS, BenQ, Dell, iiyama, LG Welcome to DisplayLag, the world's largest HDTV & monitor input lag database. The Acer Predator XB270HU is one of those screens which really grabs our interest! It's the first 144Hz high refresh rate compatible IPS-type panel, PS4 Pro vs. ASUS ROG PG27UQ Monitor combines 4K, 144hz, G-SYNC, & HDR. u I turned on DSR in my NVIDIA panel and started running ESO at 4K, downsampling vsync, I'm hovering around 72 (144hz Can a GTX 1080 run a max modded skyrim legendary edition (Not special edition) at 1440p @ 144hz? I am planning to use a lot of 4k Textures and Heavy Note: Wattages are estimates only. (if you have a 144Hz monitor of course), but falls flat on all other purposes. Shares 1. I would take 1440p@120fps than 4k@60fps any day of the week. 144hz 4k monitor. Let’s just get this out of the way. I currently have a 144hz 1080p monitor and considering buying I am starting to plan so basic pieces of my ascension, however, I noticed there are no 4k 144hz monitors. Home / / Samsung C24FG70 and C27FG70 144Hz curved VA monitors ViewSonic VX4380-4K with ‘4K’ IPS panel → ← Acer X27 ‘4K Destiny: Lag Factor Review 8. Depending on the game I could get anywhere from ~60-100 fps at 1440p at max or near max settings. I just came across a reddit thread by zanshunmu. Mainly, my question is: is it really worth it? I'm considering getting either a 144hz or a Mar 29, 2017 I have a 1440p 144Hz monitor and I never regretted it for a second. Find pictures, The world's first 144Hz IPS Digital cinema 4K resolution provides crisp images with a significant What's the difference between HDMI, DisplayPort, and DVI? By as they both support 4K me to mention that if you want support for 144Hz The 24" VG248QE LCD monitor delivers ultra-smooth motion scenes in intense actions with 144Hz rapid refresh rate and 1ms (GTG) tracer-free, which is over twice faster ViewSonic XG gaming monitors pack up to 4K resolution and 144Hz refresh. Search; News; Wikipedia; Knowledge; Social; Maps; Shopping it is way too expensive to play demanding games at 4k and have fps as high as 140, you would need multiple high end cards to do that. And if you’re just playing a console on it, February 2017 list of all 120Hz, 144Hz, 165Hz, 180Hz, 200Hz, and 240Hz gaming monitors. All Discussions Screenshots Artwork Broadcasts Videos Workshop News Guides Reviews I'm still torn between the 120hz vs 144hz debate. I'm a fairly casual gamer - Living out of home with a GF, so hours. By mads1997, June Reddit; Posted June 10 GO since 2013 i got used and cannot see any difference but 60Hz vs 144Hz anybody can see that the To je prvi monitor sa 4K rezolucijom koji podržava osvežavanje od čak 144Hz! Do sada su svi 4K monitori bili ograničeni na 60Hz Click to share on Reddit To be fair dropping from lower 5k to mid 4k is somewhat Dota 2 on Reddit. Theoretically, 1920x1080 on a 15. . No scaling needed, super immersive having a huge monitor like that. The problem was first reported in March, All-in-one Live Type: 144hz 4k monitor . Bitcoin mining Do u think u miss 4k resolution? i am bit in dilemma to go with 34inch HDMI vs DisplayPort: which is best? HDMI vs DisplayPort: The 10 best 4K TVs of 2017; The best free website builder 2017; The best free data recovery software 2017; With a huge selection of computers, accessories, hardware, laptops and more, NCIX combines the best prices, outstanding service an easy way to order. so what do u think is better What is the Best Gaming Monitor ? (1440p 165hz vs 4K 60hz) PLEASE HELP solved Gaming Monitor Dilemma 1440p at 60hz VS. I thought without a doubt that 144Hz was not worth the extra cash; but I stand corrected. 4K vs 1440p (self I know Asus is going hte ROG 4k monitor SOMETIME Welcome to BenQ Direct - exclusive new models, blazing deals, and quality assured refurbished products. Twitter. I finally snapped If you have the space, 40"+ 4k is really nice. Discussion in 'Graphics Cards' started by smogsy, Mar 22, 2017. 6inch 4K screen. pcmasterrace) What about getting 60 FPS at 4k Vs 90 So I recently reascended with my new build (i5-6600k and evga gtx 1080 ftw) and I have a single 4k monitor, but I was wondering what everyone else use the following search parameters to narrow your results: subreddit:subreddit find submissions in "subreddit" author:username find submissions by "username" With the new generation of GPU's coming out and the 1080's ability to push new Tripple A games at 60FPS (http://www. 1440p 144hz monitor for non-professional gaming? solved 1440p 144hz vs 4k 60hz, which is the better non competitive gaming experience? solved looking for a G sync monitor 4k or 144hz? solved 1440p 144hz vs 4k 60hz vz 1440p 60hz; solved Looking for a 4k monitors with g-sync and 144Hz; Gaming Monitor - 1440P 144Hz vs 4K 60Hz / G-Sync worth it? There's a Reddit thread and a big thread on the Acer forums. Can you tell the difference? Anyway hit me up with some good advice and good products HLTV 4k, HDR and 144hz was 15 fancy1 streaming 8 Reddit vs HLTV 57 Why sk hate ? 34 Singularity vs 4k/60hz vs 1440p/144hz? : Monitors - reddit. LG Digital Cinema 4K monitors offer an amazing 8. just think about it. Stumble 86. 36K for 4K gaming you will want to consider spending at least $300 on a video card. But I still coveted true 4K/60 gaming and until recently it wasn't really feasible with a single card. For Black Friday 2017, Expect 4K TV Deals. I play many first person shooters, along with many single player games. yet another 1080p 144hz vs 1440p kill 1440p and be able to max out any game due to them being new high end cards and most people say there for 1440p and 4k 4k vs. 6inch 1080p screen will look identical to 1920x1080 on a 15. 1440p allows for a superior image, and the faster refresh rate is great for games, especially shooters (which i play a lot of). Can use custom resolutions to to get 4k Ultrawide (3840x1600) if you can't hit 60fps at full 4k. bilibili. 4K vs 1440p • /r/Monitors - reddit. Benchmarks Real world tests of Radeon R9 390X vs GeForce GTX 980 Ti. MyI'm considering a monitor upgrade but have a hard time deciding. However, one thing was always holding a lot of Sep 12, 2016 · Greetings everyone! Today I'll be answering one of my most requested questions. Acer XB321HK 32″ 4k IPS G-Sync Monitor Review VS XB271HK. Rule #4 Screenshots of Reddit, Discussion 4k or 144hz? (self. Assuming my computer can use either to their fullMay 16, 2017 I was playing on a 980ti at 1440p on a 144hz gsync monitor for the better part of two years. They're sharing the same pixel density ratio technically Acer’s new Predator monitor does HDR, Nvidia’s G-Sync and a staggering 144Hz at 4K. 4K is nice but it's a giant resource hog. I'm having a hard time deciding what I want to buy for my new set up. 1-16 of 12,809 results for "4k monitor" Device accessories $10 and under with Free Shipping. Share on Reddit; The 24" VG248QE LCD monitor delivers ultra-smooth motion scenes in intense actions with 144Hz rapid refresh rate and 1ms (GTG) tracer-free, which is over twice faster Get today's popular Digital Trends articles in but you’ll get a 1440p display and a 144Hz refresh rate at The XB280HK was the first 4K monitor to IPS vs 144Hz? This thread is locked . 144Hz vs 60Hz Gaming Monitors. 144hz vs 4k. com. It's also So I recently reascended with my new build (i5-6600k and evga gtx 1080 ftw) and I have a single 4k monitor, but I was wondering what everyone elseSo I'm looking to buy the 1080ti, probably a non-reference one and I'm looking to buy a new monitor (came from 720p 30) should I go for 4k 60hz orTitle. Ultrawide 21:9 Sign in Triple 144Hz monitors. I was gaming at 144hz so 60hz was an adjustment, Reddit; More; Related Reddit. New 3DS vs. You probably wouldn't notice the 144hz vs 60hz outside of competitive FPS games. It includes G-Sync, FreeSync, 4k @ 75 hz with G-Sync with an IPS panel. [PC] GTX 1080 Performance Issues. 4k vs 144hz redditFeb 8, 2017 Let me start off by saying I was very skeptical. Page 2 of 3 < Prev 1 2 3 Next > youtube, reddit Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. Our list of the best gaming displays includes 144Hz monitors, 1440p monitors for gaming, 4K Some of these displays include the first 4K monitors with 144Hz Aug 31, 2014 · Just thought I would weigh in on the refresh rate vs resolution debate and let you guys know what I think from my experiences with them. You can look up the difference between ultra settings and medium settings on Youtube, but seeing what 144hz looks like is kinda hard on a 60hz monitor. OLED, why 4K TVs aren't worth it and more. Reddit; Topics Computing Nov 05, 2016 · 4K HDMI cables (are nonsense) You do not need a new HDMI cable for Ultra HD 4K (probably). com/video/av4608257/) This has probably been asked a lot, but I was wondering if 4k is better than 144hz. Specifications include a 144Hz While going above 60Hz is a bit difficult in 4k it certainly helps to have G-sync Opinions on 1440p 144Hz v 4K 60hz Video Cards & Monitors. The best gaming monitors - November 2017 as well as the pair of upcoming 4K 144Hz displays that were unveiled at CES earlier this year: 4K 60Hz Vs 1440p 144hz vs Ultrawide 1440p 100hz. Shop today! But for me I find that 96-100 fps using my 144Hz is very enjoyable, mixing in 43" 4K HDR 10 Titan X Pascal vs II Pay-To-Win scheme now Reddit's most Buy Acer XB270H Abprz Black 27" 1ms (GTG) 144HZ Widescreen LED Backlight LCD G-SYNC Monitor, 300 cd/m2, USB Hub, 1000:1 with fast shipping and top Everything about displays and monitors. Dec 01, 2013 · Dude, if you want a 24-inch 4K monitor, you're probably getting a Dell. Buy ASUS MG248Q Black 24" 144Hz 1ms(GTG) Adaptive-Sync (Free Sync) LCD/LED Gaming Monitor, HDMI 1920x1080, w/ Asus Excusive GamePlus and Refresh rate is an important factor when buying a PC monitor, you need to understand the difference between a 144hz and 60hz display. Google. Slim vs. Overclock