box {width: 350px;} , then apply {border: Feb 1, 2012 And a number of projects use this layout model by default, including the WebKit Web Inspector (aka Chrome DevTools). box-sizing:border-box works well when you define fix width on them as they need to know what is the maximum width of the container. I would like to make this change. The image below (from the CSS Tricks article on this topic) illustrates the difference between the standard box-model and box-sizing: border-box : enter image Jun 24, 2014 This is a known bug in Chrome. The width and height properties are measured including only the content, but not the padding, border or margin. box sizing border box not working chromeAug 11, 2016 Your fix width is in #container not in inner div's. Sep 10, 2010 But, if you need to support older versions of Safari (< 5. Nov 27, 2017 The CSS box-sizing property is used to alter the default CSS box model used to calculate width and height of the elements. Click the link If you inspect in Firefox and IE you will see that the inner box is not filling the space of the parent div. The width and height properties (and min/max properties) includes only the content. For example, if you set . The less-commonly used padding-box is only Apr 20, 2015 The box-sizing property in CSS controls how the box model is handled for the element it applies to. box-sizing: border-box; is supported in the current versions of all major browsers. module { box-sizing: border-box; } One of the more com. I think, the better solution is to change box-sizing: inherit; to box-sizing: border-box; Like this: *, *::before, *::after { box-sizing: border-box;; }. box sizing border box not working chrome . Using width: 100% & height: 100% plus box-sizing: border box , combined with padding solves the issue (unless I have it wrong). content-box, Default. You need to is required. initial, Sets this property to its default value. . Border, padding, or margin are not included. There may me scenarios where this is the problem with other elements too. 1), Chrome (< 10), and Firefox (< 29), you should include the prefixes -webkit and -moz , like this: #Known Issues. border-box, The width and height properties (and min/max properties) includes content, padding and border, but not the margin. If you will define box-sizing:border-box on #container then you will see it working but you need to define width on inner div's Mar 7, 2014 Margin is not part of the box-model (whatever box-sizing you use), so it will always be in addition to the width + padding + border you've declared. As of late we've started testing the project on mobile devices (iPhone, iPad and Android) and we've had no issues regarding box-sizing with any of them yet, so it seems to work just fine Jun 20, 2017 I think the above solution will be specific to input elements.