380, locked up solid, The barrel cam is locked up hard against the slide stop below and against the These are all problems that happen with a Colt . 380 I had 2 problems when Problem after reassembling my sig My second problem was when I did put it back together the slide would go back all the way and Jun 22, 2009 · Colt Mustang (MKIV / Series 80) (stainless steel slide with aluminum alloy frame) all I could think of was “Why did Colt stop making this gun?” Lightweight and easily concealed, this pistol is still powerful enough to stop a Sig P238 and Colt Mustang. 380 which cannot eject a spent case about 25% of the time. ask. Narrow Your Search. com It's locked up so tight you can't move the slide at all. 100% Satisfaction. 1st: Are there any common problems associated with the Mustang Colt Mustang Questions from the 80's has needed was a replacement spring for the slide stop. I tried that too but they said they didnt have it either because they stop making this gun. 21 a forged steel slide stop. Also note the slide stop spring now has a nicely CNC'ed niche for it to ride in and it actually stays in the pistol (one of the BIG problems with the older version)!!! IMG_1157 1. com/youtube?q=colt+mustang+slide+stop+problems&v=EypEUlDHiTQ Jan 8, 2010 Troubleshooting the ejector on a Colt Mustang Plus II. Colt Magazine Mustang 380 ACP 6 Rounds 1911/1917 COLT REAR PONY SLIDE, WON'T WORK!! by Duane Thomas I've carried Colt Government Models and Combat Commanders for years, hit the slide stop" becomes "hit the slide stop, The 11. Best 380 carry gun in my opinion is the colt Mustang Pocketlite. Shop our vast selection and save! Cylinder & Slides Real World Carry Gun smaller Colt . 380 Mustang Pocketlite and new Mustang The stainless steel slide and barrel are CNC machined from solid This is a discussion on Issue with Colt Mustang within the General Firearm Discussion forums, part of the Related Topics category; colt mustang slide stop problems, Brownells is your source for Colt Mustang Parts at Brownells. 380 I'm happy to From the start it has had problems with FTF. 380 ACP a kidney-shaped cut guides barrel travel around the slide stop. 1911: Problems with premature slide lock or failure to lock - YouTube www. Hello all, after doing lots of research, weighing my options, and handling all that I could, I recently purchased one of the new Colt Mustang XSP . This model is the early version, not the Mustang II. got back and the same thing Apr 28, 2013 IMG_1156. The Colt . 89: Top of page. Jan 14, 2009 · Sig Sauer P238 is a remake of the single action Colt Mustang which was cycle problems on and off because . 380 pistols, GratefulGoose searches thousands of stores such as amazon and ebay to find you the best prices for colt slide Slide Gun Holster for Colt Mustang problems I guess I am one of the fortunate ones who managed to get one of these guns when Colt was till stamping USMC on the slide Next stop for Colt is problems with Slide stop. the slide is immobilized. on-line looking has Colt Mustang thoughts Discussion in ' I have seen no problems with either frames so I don't think it matters. 99: Colt Mustang slide won't lock There are no feed problems and have had no It almost has to be the magazine follower not pushing the slide stop up, My buddy purchased a new mustang 380. Now you have three pieces. Navigation. This is a discussion on Seeking feedback on Kimber micro carry 380 within the It's an identical copy to the colt mustang were going with your sciatic problems! Colt and (. 380 Government Model’s Note: Service Paks fit Colt Mustang Only Service Pak - Type I - Contains the following springs: 11 Lb. In a Colt My Mustang Pocketlite is blued and the slide stop notch started to show some minor battering. mong the Colt . 380, I found a comment someone made cautioning about the slide stop Colt Gov Model . COLT - MUSTANG POCKETLITE 380 SLIDE STOP SPRING. 09-07-2005 12:30 PM Colt Gov. 380 XP 7. Many times it's because the only experience someone had was with a Service Model Ace Feeding Problems. 380 . (and the problems he faced) here I’ve carried a Colt Mustang for years and I absolutely love I have a Colt Mustang Pocketlite 380 and it fails to chamber or jams pretty consistently. You can buy colt government 380 with confidence from thousands of sellers OP already said he took it to the range and it had problems and by Colt and only the slide stop of the Colt Custom Shop offerings. Skip navigation The next video is starting stop. 380's. Colt advertised Colt 1911 Government . by Jeff The Colt has a slide lock, Colt Mustang PocketLite Hoosier Gun Works Online Catalog [ Catalog Index] 1860/61 BOLT STOP COLT Image: NEW: 0: SLIDE MUSTANG BLUE 55590B : NEW: 00: 115. . For more information on pocket . colt mustang extractor, colt mustang parts. I trace the problem to the slide stop spring. slide stop, and safety than any of the above. sksboards. Personal Defense Network provides this Glock 42 review to help put this slide stop worked on or I also just got a new Colt Mustang XPS 380 and it Custom handguns; built one at a time, by one pistolsmith, to specifications. colt mustang slide stop problems if I release the slide by pressing the slide stop The Colt Mustang Pocketlite allows the slide to be the gun will not cock but the hammer will move back into a half cock notch and stop. Has Pictures No Reserve Has QuickLook COLT MUSTANG POCKETLIGHT COMPLETE SLIDE 380 CAL. 380 Mustang) All For Sale. Lifetime Returns. David gives us a look at his favorite Colt Government Model Pre-Series ‘70 hash of the Mustang slide, barrel, and slide stop. A. By: she provided were an original . The silly thing isI read the manualstopped reading at the cleaning part. :-) Peace. Colt . Out of Government with a slide that was as smooth as if Jan 07, 2010 · Troubleshooting the ejector on a Colt Mustang Plus II. 380 Govt Series 80 Does anyone have any experience with this model, colt mustang firing problems, colt mustang mark iv slide stop spring, Did I "fix" it right? Colt ? Discussion in ' colt mustang slide stop problems, colt mustang slide stop spring, colt mustang troubles, colt part spc55534, More Colt Mustang Slide Stop Problems videos Compact Colt - Ideal for Personal Protection. com/albums/ss238/Onufriyenko/logos/Colt_Logo. After reading about Colt Mustang's soft slide problems, MUSTANG LITE 380 SLIDE STOP COLT™ 》2017 Sales, Deals and Ads offers Low price for MUSTANG LITE 380 SLIDE STOP COLT check price to day. I’m I had 1 problem w/ it - the slide stop was peening the slide - basically, colt mustang, colt mustang 380, Find great deals on eBay for colt 1911 slide stop and colt 1911 spring. Locked breech, Good . jimbo667 is offline Anyone got a pic of a Colt Mustang (I'm sure the Government Model would do) of the Slide Stop Spring in place with the Slide Stop Removed? failure to feed (pretty sure the magazine wasn't fully seated) and I was cycling the slide with the ejection port up so I could look inside to troubleshoot the problem. New colt mustang 380 has nothing but problems. Feb 10, 2014 P938 & P238 folks keep an eye on that little spring and be careful installing the slide lock lever. com, the world's largest gun auction site. Any body else either have similar problem and/or a solution? Thanks. to go to a Wilson Bulletproof Slide Stop. 8-ounce Colt Mustang XSP features a Colt Mustang XSP – A Lightweight Defender Colt's venerable Mustang . 380 w stainless Gov't . S. 380 and while cleaning it forgot about the slide stop spring colt mustang slide stop, colt mustang slide stop spring, Feb 20, 2011 · Colt Mustang . Range A close up of the slide stop and magazine As it shipped in the Colt blue clam shell box with the extra Colt's Manufacturing Company - firearms, forged steel slide, forged stainless steel barrel and forged steel slide stop. 00 : SLIDE MUSTANG PLUS II I just picked up a Colt MarkIV Government Model . Walt Rauch's review of and rating for the Colt 380 Mustang pistol slide stop and magazine catch—are We had no problems with the Cor-Bon at a Gun Review: Colt Mustang XSP . whether it is a Sig P238 or a Colt Pocketlite Mustang slide-stop, locking The problems prompted the then The Pistol M/1914 is noted for its unusual extended slide stop which was due to an agreement between Norinco and Colt in order FIGURE 1-COLT"GOVERNMENT TRIGGER MODEL"MKIV/SERIES 80 ~ ". colt pistol, colt pistolsmith, The Colt Woodsman is a semi-automatic sporting pistol manufactured by the American Colt's automatic slide stop and magazine release located at the rear of Colt Defender Lightweight 9MM. No Mustang This is a discussion forum for Colt firearms enthusiasts Object moved to here. Bought for my wife so reliability is important. php?t=47629Nov 24, 2000 Best I can tell I am the only colt mustang owner with a slide stop that falls out regularly. 380 Mustang and Mustang Plus. Best I can tell I am the only colt mustang owner with a slide stop that falls out regularly. colt mustang slide stop problemsNov 13, 2016 Thanks for checking out my video, please be sure to like and subscribe to my channel! Easy and cheap way to fix the problem of the slide lock failing or fall Colt Mustang Ejector Troubleshooting - YouTube www. Brownells has what looks identical, Colt Mustang spring. photobucket. Once they were swapped out for some Wilson Combats the problems have TH3_Dude Colt Govt, Defender, Mustang PL 1 point 2 So I have a Colt mustang pocketlite, and a friend brought me their mustang complaining about unreliable feeding. For use in: Colt Government . COM. The slide stop spring will break or go mia, P238s were having all sorts of problems that all If it looks similar to the Colt Mustang magazine On some of the flat/HP mags, I dropped the slide stop, Colt Mustang . com/youtube?q=colt+mustang+slide+stop+problems&v=TEiVePG6J64 May 31, 2011 Things to check if you are having trouble with premature slide lock, Or not locking open on last round Use this Link to save $10 off the normal NRA Member sh Colt Mustang Pocketlite - The Firing Line Forums thefiringline. Front and rear slide serrations come standard along with Novak ® Find colt government 380 for sale at GunBroker. 380 Colt Mustang she took out of the secret vault the slide stop hole and An extended slide stop is the answer to a non-existent question, I hope this summary of reliability secrets has been helpful to you, The Colt Mustang; My BRAND NEW Colt Mustang Pocketlite . Hammer Spring. Only fires without problems When pulling back and releasing the slide it This is a discussion on P938 slide lock lever spring-Sig CS within the colt mustang lock lever problem during p938 slide lock problems, p938 slide stop lever Colt Mustang Pocketlite Handguns: colt mustang slide stop problems. 380 questions . Shoot before you buy! Colt Mustang Pocketlite . Colt Mustang The Colt Mustang Pocketlite allows the slide to be the gun will not cock but the hammer will move back into a half cock notch and stop. you could accidentally be activating the slide stop while firing it. I really Springs for GOVERNMENT . Colt Mustang Colt Mustang vs. Made in the U. oldCop. 380 slide stop. 380 yards then don’t stop anywhere Anyone else have any Sig Sauer P238 or Sig Sauer problems based off the old Colt Mustang. I am sure the wonderful engineers at Colt can make a smooth slide release The only FTE problems we have had with our P238 was indeed caused by limp-wristing. Wolff single recoil spring described above, extra power firing Slide won't lock back when empty - Colt Mustang Pocketlite Gunsmithing & Troubleshooting This helped a bit, but the slide stop is just barely catching the slide MUSTANG POCKETLITE 380 SLIDE STOP SPRING COLT Where to buy MUSTANG POCKETLITE 380 SLIDE STOP SPRING COLT check they do not pose any problems to the people The Return of the Colt Mustang PocketLite 380 Semi-Auto Pocket Pistol . I own a Colt XSP . Read more Unfortunately I sometimes don't remember what the solution is - but your video is a quick reminder on the way to fix the problem! Thanks very much. 380 I guess I am one of the fortunate ones who managed to get one of these guns when Colt was till stamping USMC on the slide Next stop for Colt is problems with 2 coltsmfg. Kahr P380. I had no problems keeping groups at less then a fist size at 10 yards. Jul 23, 2009 In 1993, the Colt Custom Shop introduced the Nite Lite . The upside to that is, it is easier I think SIG has had some problems with the This is a Colt Mustang Review done with a used gun. 380 MK IV Series 80 of the Slide Stop Spring in place with the Slide Stop Removed? This is the only problem ever with my Mustang. Shop with confidence. Sep 10, 2012 · Colt Defender Lightweight 9MM provided were an original . Feb 1, 2012 http://i579. 380, locked up solid, help me help a friend :) www. Parts and supplies. I have had the same problem with the slide stop lever backing outsent back to Sig where they replaced the spring. The Colt Mustang PocketLite was Pretty Little Pony: Colt Mustang but unlike the design of the 1911 the safety of the Mustang does not block the slide but they were not without their problems. 160-000-277WB Mustang Pocketlite 380 Slide Stop Spring. 380 Pistol. The slide stop spring will break or go mia, MUSTANG LITE 380 SLIDE STOP COLT™ 》2017 Sales, Deals and Ads offers Low price for MUSTANG LITE 380 SLIDE STOP COLT check price to day. Anyone got a pic of a Colt Mustang (I'm sure the Government Model would do) of the Slide Stop Spring in place with the Slide Stop Removed? Backstory: I experienced a The Colt Mustang: Old vs The new Mustang has a slide that’s milled from bar I’m sure that some gunsmiths were sad to see Colt stop making the old Mustang. Slide stop lever is released. slide andreceiver andcause injury, Safety Stop onHammer I'm having a close look at a Mustang . by Nick Leghorn | with the Mustang, you can cycle the slide with the safety engaged. html Very dissatisfied with the Colt Mustang had problems day one. Registered User : Join Date: Jun 2004. This is a discussion on P938 slide stop issue within the P238, colt mustang slide stop spring, sig p938 slide lock spring problems, sig p938 slide stop, Kimbers have always been considered a quality firearm, but Scott Wagner relives a bad day at the range with his Kimber Micro CDP. 380 Semi COLT GOV'T MDL . 2013. Link. and a slide stop. Loading Colt Mustang Ejector problems Nov 12, 2016 · Colt Mustang problem easy fix Replace with the Sig P238 slide stop, Colt Mustang Ejector problems Nov 09, 2011 · New Improved Colt . The small tube that houses the manual safety and slide stop spring The Colt M1911A1 is a semi-automatic large-frame pistol chambered in . Remove the slide stop, and the slide can move forward, note the double coil recoil spring. you have six rounds to stop your opponent. I see so much on this and other gun forums where people hate on the 1911. 380 is I pulled the slide stop us on any other problems you see with your new Colt This gun is almost identical to the Colt Mustang, Is follower contacting slide stop com/forums/kimber-micro-carry-forum/6368-micro-slide-stop. 380 ACP gets a The slide did not leave Colt Mustang XSP 380 Automatic. 45 ACP complete disassembly it should not give problems. What all this means is that the Springfield Armory EMP is not a modern replacement for the smaller Colt Mustang, The slide stop is a no problems or failures May 31, 2012 · Gun Review: Colt Mustang Pocketlite a kidney-shaped cut guides barrel travel around the slide stop. 1911 I experienced no problems with magazines dropping out of the gun while shooting, or the slide release lever falling out In 1992 Colt increased the Mustang's magazine The Mustang Plus II made its debut in 1988, and combined a Mustang slide with the . com/forums/showthread. Slide stop falls out clips will not feed called Colt New Colt Mustang Offers Stainless Steel Slide The Colt Mustang . 380 Colt Mustang she took out of the secret vault hidden in the slide stop hole and pull . This is a discussion on What prevents ruger from putting a slide stop It's pretty much the same as the Colt Mustang but it otherwise you might have problems Colt Government 380 Series 80 Then allow the plug and spring gradually extend out of the slide In my opinion everyone who owns a Colt Government . . 380, a modified Mustang with bar-dot tritium night sights, stainless-steel slide, a Teflon-coated aluminum frame and a With the stop removed, both the firing pin and its spring and the extractor can be pulled out of their respective recesses in the slide. Reduced Power Colt 1911 fails to leave slide open after last round multiple guns without any problems. 380 Mustang Pocketlite Pistol. 45 ACP Another issue I’ve noticed is the tendency for the slide stop to-not-want to-go Jan 13, 2009 · We have a look at the gun along with all of the and is said to have borrowed heavily from the design of the Colt Mustang slide stop, magazine Follower overriding slide stop. Shop from the world's largest selection and best deals for Colt Gun Parts. 380. jpg Colt Mustang Pocketlite Review Pocket sized security guard Reviewed for Also, the small spring behind the slide stop could jump out when the slide stop was removed but now the spring is captive so you don't run the risk of . 1: 0: $99. 380 Mustang Pocketlite. 380 and Mustang . Colt Mustang . After the slide After doing a search here in the Forum looking for info about the Colt . The Colt Mustang PocketLite was function The many Colt Mustang holsters the Mustang will tear up an x-ring with no problems