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com/youtube?q=doj+codes+gta+5%27a%3D0&v=R7uuSbtRfp8 Jun 4, 2017 READ THE DESCRIPTION!▽▽ Something shady is going on with these two black SUV's. . hey Jeff. I think the concern though by fans is that GTA seems to be the main focus of the group. it'd be nice to know what code means what thing. We deal with the aftermath. Since Rockstar doesn't allow mods on GTA V, Code Zero (group) made a online Jun 14, 2017 glad to hear. com/ LEO stands for Law Enforcement Officer and CIV GTA 5 Roleplay | DOJ #65 - (LEO) The Investor - YouTube www. FiveM http://www. gl/K3Z GTA 5 Roleplay | DOJ #169 - (Stringer) OnCall is Here! - YouTube www. can you maybe make a Google doc or something of all your codes to dispatch and like put the link in all your vids or something like that?. Can someone explain the code zero patrol to me please? Thanks www. Reply 6 7. Dustin Torri6 months ago. com/youtube?q=doj+codes+gta+5%27a%3D0&v=mxTN3sd54dU Jun 1, 2017 READ THE DESCRIPTION!▽▽ Something shady went down at the You Tool. ask. This means you will now GTA 5 Roleplay | DOJ #169 - (Stringer) OnCall is Here! Jeff Favignano Add: Much agreed on needing a camera script, maybe borrow the code from the sniper rifle scope for zoom? Coding isn't my  GTA 5 Roleplay | DOJ #68 - (LEO) Suspicious Vehicles - YouTube www. thanks . dojrp. Loading View all 5 replies. reddit. Not just Very true. com/ LEO stands for Law Enforcement O GTA 5 Roleplay | DOJ #33 - (LEO) Runs Like a Deere - YouTube www. com/youtube?q=doj+codes+gta+5%27a%3D0&v=rW-_X8Ku9l4 Nov 23, 2017 With this years special I am launching my new mini series on the DOJ platform. This community adhere's to an age limit to help maintain our goals for operational success, people age fifteen and up are allowed to submit and be eligible for membership at the Department of Justice RP Community. I just joined DOJ like 3 weeks ago and would hate for it to end so suddenly I don't know where people think DOJ would shut down lmao we are a gaming community for all games. gl/K3ZClI ▻Links To Contact Me▻ http://bayareabuggs. We again want to thank you, Members, Staff, Administration, Code Zero Gaming, and all future viewers, Nov 2, 2017 Group Sechs security is back but now in Los Santos! ▻GTA 5 Roleplay DOJ Playlist▻ https://goo. Read more. com ▻Depart GTA 5 Roleplay - DOJ 150 - Armed Individuals (Law Enforcement www. com/youtube?q=doj+codes+gta+5%27a%3D0&v=0y_jSsZRaZg Apr 26, 2017 1. lol. Show less. com/youtube?q=doj+codes+gta+5%27a%3D0&v=8C3DZ0ucCgk May 22, 2017 Join Jeff, Polecat and myself along with DOJ in FiveM as an officer goes down and we search for the suspect! ▻GTA 5 Roleplay DOJ Playlist▻ https://goo. com/r/CodeZeroGaming/comments/4lmt2j/can_someone_explain_the_code_zero_patrol_to_meI don't know if you know LCPD:FR in GTA IV or LSPD:FR in GTA V? That's a mod where you have to be the police and you have to catch the criminals, on GTA IV you could play the mod online and do realistic scenario's