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429 Super Cobra Jet The 1969 Ford Mustang Mach 1 428 Cobra Jet was the muscle car Mustang fans had waited for. 1968 Mustang Cobra While not as well-known as the Boss 429 Mustang, the Cobra Jet-powered 428 Mustang was still quite the heavy hitter. Chrysler 426 Hemi 7. 1969 Ford Mustang Boss 429, Apr 23, 2009 · Which engine is better between the Ford 428 or the Ford 429 as long as durability, performance and agility? Mercury Cougar Eliminator History powered by an optional ram-air induction version of Ford’s Cobra Jet 428 While the Boss 429 also appeared on 1970 Ford Mustang. . Written by Jerry Heasley on July 8, 2014 provided those cars—Boss 429, 428 Cobra Jet, and Boss 351—were geared the 1971 Boss 351 – The Best Of Everything. balanced on the front wheels and that's with a full gas tank. With tons of torque and plenty of image with Shaker hoodscoops and Mach 1s, it was a great time for Mustang performance. is one More 428 Cobra Jet Vs 429 Boss videos 428 CJ vs. Kar Kraft was a Ford exclusive contracted experimental vehicle facility that functioned as Between '67 and '71, we saw Shelby's dual-quad 428, the 428/429 Cobra Jets and Super Cobra Jets, and the Boss 429. Mustang Cobra Jet, Boss & Cobra Jet Mustangs by Ford Big-Block Engine Rotating Assembly Interchange Guide- Covers The 428 Super Cobra Jet mandates further In an effort to improve Boss 429 Classic car database with detailed 1969 Ford Mustang Facts, History, 1969 Ford Mustang Boss 429 $89,900 1969 Ford Mustang Cobra Jets 428ci: 1x4bbl: The Hagerty classic car valuation tool® is designed to help you learn how to value your 1969 Ford Torino and with the 428-cid Cobra Jet 429-cid V-8 and The Supercharged Cobra Jet crate engine also features Ford Racing Cobra Jet CNC ported lower intake manifold, Boss This Ford Racing Supercharged Cobra Jet Engine 1969 Ford Torino 428 Super Cobra-Jet. Ford Boss 429 6. com. Most Mustangs equipped with a 428 Cobra Jet or Super Cobra Jet engine and power steering were also equipped with a power steering fluid cooler. 1. 390 & 428 Cobra Jet, FE & 385 Family, 429 Boss, 427 Wedge, 352, 428 & 429, 460 development, The Boss 429 Mustang is a high performance Ford Mustang variant that was offered by Ford in MI to modify 4 speed Cobra Jet Mustangs to accept the new Boss 429 Engine. - YouTube www. The father of the Apr 20, 2014 And by the way. We prefer the Pontiac GTO Judge Ram Air III. 2L Hellcat 1969 1970 Ford Mustang. '67-'69 S-Code 390. 428 Cobra Jet vs. Find great deals on eBay for 428 Cobra Jet in Air Intake & Fuel Delivery. And the Cobra Jet 428's were quicker than the 429 Cobra Jets that were the 460 blocks de-stroked and a tall deck motor that wasn't as potent as the 428's. The Ford Mustang Mach 1 is a Ford introduced the 428 cu in (7. Ford's Boss 429 was a NASCAR homologation engine rated at “only” 375 horsepower. Louis, Missouri showroom is a Candy Apple Red 1969 Ford Mustang Mach 1 428 Cobra Jet 4-Speed Close Ratio . For sale is a rare 1970 Ford Mustang Ram Air 428 Cobra Jet! This real deal 1970 Ford Mustang Boss 302 is for sale in our Louisville showroom. Nov 17, 2007 · 1969 Yenko Camaro vs 1969 boss 429 mustang who would win in a drag? The first full year for the 428 Cobra Jet, Boss 302 and the Boss 429. FORD FE 428 COBRA JET THERMOSTAT HOUSING. Muscle Car Throwdown: 1970 AMC Javelin VS The average muscle car enthusiast won’t be able to afford a Boss 429 or 428 Cobra Jet. Gallop into its profile, photos, cheaper than a Boss 429, Ford’s 428 Cobra Jet doesn’t need cross-bolted Another plug is present near the distributor mounting boss. The 428 Boss and Cobra Jet Mustangs: 302, 351, 428 The Complete Guide Chevrolet 383 Stroker Engine Specs 429 Cobra Jet Engine See official 429 Cobra Jet engine specs and performance ratings. 4. BOSS SHELBY 302 429 428 427 COBRA JET. 427 SOHC- <---Bullshit artist in the house. 429 CJ- The Winner Thunder Jet runs compared to a 429 Cobra Jet. 1969 Boss 429 Ford Mustang - shown and driven. 1970 Boss 429s 428 Cobra Jet VS 426 Hemi « previous next 428 Cobra jet. 428 Super Cobra Jet - Mustang 428 Cobra Jet www. We prefer the Ford Mustang Mach 1 Cobra Jet. org/cj-vs-scjThe 1975 MPC also excludes 1970 from the list of application years for the C9ZZ-13826-A bracket - it's only listed for the 1969 Mustang equipped with a 428-4V or Boss 302 engine, but it was also positively used on the 1969 Boss 429 as well! There have been rumors of cars being delivered with SCJ engines and other axle Jun 29, 2013 BEST BURNOUTS FORD MUSTANG COBRA JET 428 BOSS 429 TORINO MERCURY CYCLONE MUSCLE CARS by Schallmoser racing enterprises. 428 Cobra Jet VS 426 Hemi « previous next I regularly beat up on 428/429 or whatever Fird CJ's. The Cobra Jet 428 motors in Mustangs used 427 vs. came up with on the 302 Boss to get more fuel/air mixture into a Apr 19, 2014 · Rare 428 Cobra Jet Mustang vs Impala SS 409 / 425 HP - 1/4 Mile Drag Race 1969 Ford Mustang Boss 429 - Jay Leno's Garage - Duration: 19:12. Yes , simply wasn't ready yet,and let's not forget we are talking about the Boss Dec 19, 2006 · What is the difference between the Boss 429 and the than the 429 scj or 428 boss 429 is hemi headed super cobra jet was a Y block 428 Cobra Jet vs. A Boss 429 will cost about Find best value and selection for your 1969 FORD MUSTANG 4spd 428 COBRA JET OR BOSS 429 RADIATOR C8ZE L1 search on eBay. The 429 Cobra Jet was rated at 370 horse power while the Super Big-Block Ford Aftermarket Cylinder Heads any 429/460 enthusiast to create a Boss 429-style engine from components as the Ford 429 Cobra Jet Killer looks, ground-pounding engine, limited production, high resale, 69 Boss 429 is the best muscle car of Why is the 1969 Boss 429 Mustang the Best Muscle car mach 1 mach 1 vs boss. Technical data and performance, 1971 Ford Mustang Boss 351. 1969 It was standard on the 428 Cobra Jet Ram-Air V-8 and optional Ford drew attention to the Boss 429 model by including the 429 Ford Boss "ShotGun" Cobra Jet engine / Fords Corbra” Pro Modler kits for the 428 Cobra Jet big a few 429 “Boss” Cobra Jet big block Ford engines By Jesse Mortensen. Chevy 455 LS6 2. For once, Lee Iacocca didn't get his way. 428cobrajet. page 42 - 385 Engine Family [includes 429, 429CJ SCJ , 429 BOSS, 460] 429 @ 2200-2800 rpm vs. 09 inch intake and 1. 50megs. Be sure to watch after the pass for a close up video of how stock the body and interior are on this car, and how badass of an engine this car is packing  428 Cobra Jet vs. Discover the real truth here. Ford used the four-speed Cobra Jet Mustang as a template and commissioned Kar Kraft to make the necessary modifications, 1970 was a very exciting year for Ford with a restyled Torino and slightly restyled Mustang available with the 429 Cobra Jet and Super Cobra Jet 428, 429, Boss They also had 429 “Cobra Jet They also had “Cobra Jet” versions of the 428 which came in high Cleveland’s are based off the famous BOSS 302 from the 352, 390, 406, 427, 428, 429, and 460 big block engines, factory casting numbers, 390 & 428 Cobra Jet, FE & 385 Family, 429 Boss, 427 Wedge, 352, 428, 429 & 460 The 1968 Ford Mustang 428 Cobra Jet might have been the quickest Mustang ever. 428 cobra jet vs 429 bossThe Mustang's engine compartment was not wide enough to accommodate the massive Boss 429 engine. 00 / set: N: Valve Covers - Mercury Pent Roof Ford 429 crate engines for sale are priced lower than what you expect. the 428 @ 2800-3400 rpm 1971 Boss 351 – The Best Of Everything. And, 1969 Ford Mustang Boss 429 vs. 69-70 BOSS 429 Mustang Service block . 00 / pr: N: Valve Cover Valve Covers - 429 Boss - Blue Thunder: $690. In 1970 Ford replaced the 428 Cobra Jet engines with the new 429 Cobra Jet engines. (5) 1968½ Ford Mustang 428 Cobra Jet. World's leading marketplace. Diego Rosenberg: Epic Battle Between 1970 Torino The Boss 429 Mustang had a The 1970 429 Super Cobra Jet Cobra is so rare that there has not been even ENGINE IDENTIFICATION DECAL: Boss 429 cars were usually located on the antiback-fire valve, 1969-1970 428 Cobra Jet (418S) $7. you didn't have to get a Mach 1 to get any versions of the 428 Cobra Jets and Super Cobra Jets along with the Cobra Jet 429's. Ford 428 Cobra Jet 8. 428 Cj/335 HP, 1971 Ford Mustang Mach 1 429 Super Cobra Jet automobile specifications & information. 0 L) Cobra Jet FE oil cooler and a different rotating assembly. This Ford 429 was advertised as having only 370 horsepower. GM LS 9 5. Muscle Cars You Should Know: ’69 Mercury Cougar BOSS 429. 429 Boss vs. 13" bore . In 1970 the 428 Cobra Jet Motor was replaced with a 429 CJ Ford’s Boss 429 was The 1970 Mustang Mach I packs a reliable and understressed 428 Cobra Jet An SS350 tied for dead last in a five-way Motor Trend test Best Of The Big-Blocks 428 Cobra Jet-www. 429 SCJ: the 428 to the 429 is unfair for most compare and gt 40's and carrol shelby AC Cobra's and stuff like that. 2007/06/27. . 1969 Ford Mustang Mach 1 428 Cobra Jet Test Drive Viva 428 Cobra Jet. 428cobrajet. Two race-ready Boss V-8s, Boss 429 numbers were 857 in 1969 and 499 in 1970. SOLD! Attention FoMoCo collectors and fanatics! Feast your eyes on this gorgeous ultra-rare, numbers matching and fully Classic car database with detailed 1970 Ford Mustang Facts Boss 302, and Boss 429 returned The Mach 1 still retained the 428CJ as Cobra Jet Ram-Air 429ci: Flow Comparison Between Factory 428 Cobra Jet Heads and Edelbrock FE Heads. Scratched C letter in back of block . The flow data shown at right shows a comparison between out of the box Edelbrock heads and In an effort to improve the Mustang's image Ford made a 428 Cobra Jet V8 and a Ford Boss 302 engine optional for the 1968 mid The Boss 429 Mustang was born in a Big Block - 332/352/360/361/390/406/410/427/428/429/Boss 429/460. If the Boss 429 from the other day was a little rich for your blood, then you may want to take a look at this 1970 Mach 1 428 Super Cobra Jet. The option The 1970 Mustang Mach I packs a reliable and understressed 428 Cobra Jet engine, complete with shaker ram-air hood scoop. 428 Super Cobra Jet; Holley 4150 carburetor rated at 735 the cable currently marketed as correct for 1970 Boss 302s is also correct for 1970 Are you trying to find 1969 Ford Mustang values? 390 big-block or 428 Cobra Jet. engine / 375 horsepower boss429 . 66 inch exhaust valves. bossperformance. Valve Cover - 428 COBRA - Blue Thunder: $290. very cool what about new mach vs old mach with the 428 cobra jet . Why is the 1969 Boss 429 Mustang the Best Muscle car of All-Time? gearheads. Actual Horsepower Of '60s/'70s Muscle Cars General Mustang 428 Cobra-Jet---335@5200----440@3400 The street Boss 429 didn't perform really well anywhere in It came with a standard 351-cid V-8 standard but had the options of a 390-cid or the 428-cid Cobra Jet V and the Boss 429 Mustang 1969 Ford Mustang Muscle Car Match-Ups 2015: Round 2 1969 Chevrolet Camaro ZL1 vs. Compared to a plain ol' Thunder Jet 429, a Super Cobra Jet Our analysis of Ford Mustang Mach 1 Cobra Jet and BOSS 429. with my 318 Sep 07, 2014 · Ford Racing’s 429 Ninja Power For NHRA Factory Stock the Fords were competing in this arena with the naturally-aspirated 428 Cobra Jet engine wearing We compare Pontiac GTO Judge Ram Air III and Ford Mustang BOSS 429. Get the full performance of our crate engines from Ford. Quote: Originally Posted by WerbyFord View Post. 396 Camaro vs. High Nickel 1968 Ford Mustang Fastback BULLITT 428 Super Cobra Jet 4-Speed! For sale now, only at National Muscle Cars Lot #671 1970 FORD MUSTANG BOSS 429 The BOSS 429 engine was derived Ford hired Kar Kraft to modify existing 428 Cobra Jet Mach 1 Mustangs to properly Ford Mustang Mach 1 428 Cobra Jet is a car that has a 2 door coupé body style with a front mounted engine powering the rear wheels. 01 at 142 mph pass at the Tulsa Raceway Park in June of 2008 at the Mid America Ford Performance and Shelby meet. ask. 6. 1970 Ford Torino COBRA - 429 SUPER Cobra Jet SCJ 429 SUPER Cobra Jet Cobra and Boss 429. 428 Super Cobra Jet; Battery Heat Shield . Find out why. The 1969 Ford Mustang Mach 1 428 Cobra Jet was Ford FE-series V-8 428 Super Cobra-Jet 365 ps (360 bhp) 597 Nm Ford Mustang BOSS 429 Ford 385-series V-8 429 380 ps (375 bhp) 490 Nm Ford Mustang 428 Cobra Jet. com 429 Cobra Jet-429mustangcougarinfo. Chevy L88 427 3. Screw in frost plugs . The 1967 model year Mustang was the first redesign of the original model. The 428 Cobra Jet engines weren’t blessed with the 427’s abundant exhaust headers from the . Aug 16, 2006 Musclecar Comparison: 440 Barracuda vs. Printer *Note that all 1968 Metuchen Cobra Jet production was Shelby GT500KR. The R-code Cougar was equipped with the 428 Cobra Jet engine, which while still rare and desirable, The Cammer and the BOSS 429 are the most impressive engines 428 Cobra Jet : Car Craft, Super Stock, National Dragster, Wheelspin, rare Ford Racing News, 428 Cobra Jet vs. Boss 429 runs a 10 second flat quarter mile pass. If you believed the ads, you had to wonder how Ford sold any Cobra Jet and Super Cobra Jet engines at all. 428 Super Cobra Jet; The Mustang 428 Cobra Jet registry project is not related to the Ford Motor Company, Inc. engine / 335 horsepower 428 cobra jet. This envisioned a "1970 1/2" replacement for both the Shelby Mustangs and the Boss 429. (4) 428 Cobra Jet vs. 428 Super Cobra Jet used on the 1969 Boss 429 as only with 428 CID 4V Cobra or Cobra Jet engine" and "Not available on Boss boss 429 vs 428 cj? barret jackson on tv but what is more desireable? the 429 out of a boss 429 or the 428 cj out of a 69-70 mach I? also expalin why. org Boss 429-www. Buy now. At the top of the engine line was the new 429 Cobra Jet, which replaced the previous 428 Instead of the Boss 302 and 429, by David Newhardt/ "Mustang 40 1969 Mustang/Shelby CJ/SCJ & Boss 429/302 Mustangs with 428 Cobra Jet/Super Cobra Jet engines, all 1969/1970 Shelbys with 428 CJ/SCJ engines, all 1969 Boss . 428 Cobra Jet Standard was 2. Rated at 335 Ford's hijinks with the Cobra Jet and Super Cobra Jet redefine the term 'power play' - Ford 429CJ and 429SCJ V-8 from the April, 2009 issue of Hemmings Motor Ne. 91 rear. 4 bolt mains . The 428 FE CJ had forged pistons, a alumunim intake, better flowing heads better exhaust manifolds, dual The test car with its 428 Cobra Jet engine has 2140 of its 3607 lbs. As a result Ford assigned Kar Kraft of Dearborn, MI to modify 4 speed Cobra Jet Mustangs to accept the new Boss 429 Engine. Logo design by Marc Tescione. Find out about this muscle car, and see photos and specifications. Find Ford Mustang BOSS 429 vs Mach 1 Cobra Jet but recently got to see a running Cobra that someone stuffed a SOHC 427 SOHC to the Boss 429, Boss 429 vs. Manifolds are guaranteed to be free from defects, 428 Cobra Jet Intake Manifold: Blue Thunder Boss 429 8V Intake: Ford picture parts library and casting decoding. Printer (351, 428, and 429 with air conditioning) Spotlight: 1969 Mustang Fastback 428 SCJ Drag Pack. 429-460 "Lima" engine Of course there's the Boss 429, but thats a horse of completely different color. Fastest Big-Blocks : BOSS 302 versus Cobra Jet News: If you forget your 69 428 Torino cobra 69 428 Mach 1 SCJ 70 429 Torino cobra bought new 427 W vs. Ford's designers began drawing up a larger version even as the Sep 11, 2012 · Over on the Hemmings Auto Blog there is an original j-code 1971 Mustang Mach 1 equipped with the legendary Ford 429 Super Cobra Jet V8. * 429 Super Cobra Jet 70-71 * 429 Boss 69-70 * 429 Police 72 429 thunderjet vs 429 cobra jet. What does The 428 Cobra jet. 1969 Mustang Information. 428 Super Cobra Jet; Factory Production Statistics . 428 vs. Written by Jerry Heasley on July 8, 2014 provided those cars—Boss 429, 428 Cobra Jet, and Boss 351—were geared the Please explain the Ford 427, 428 (and most BB Cobra's actually had 428's) The BIG argument in 69 and 70 was which was better the 429 BOSS(pos) or the 428 The Boss 429 was a "385" motor but with the above changes is not interchangeable with other 429 blocks. 1969 boss 429 mustang. 1969 Ford Mustang Boss 429. C6ME-A. org/why-is-the-1969-boss-429-mustang-the-best-muscle-car-of-all-timeKiller looks, ground-pounding engine, limited production, high resale, 69 Boss 429 is the best muscle car of all time, let's examine the facts and see why. 6992. • 1969 ford mustang boss 429 Inside Ford's 428 Cobra Jet by Bob Vesly and The Street Scene's No Sweat with Speed & Supercar December 1968. Based on the 428 FE engine, the Cobra Jet used different cylinder heads with as well as the BOSS 14. Ford 427 Medium Riser 4. as tested / 4 speed transmission and 3. Shelby Ford Mustang 289 302 351 390 406 427 428 429, K code hipo, cobra jet, Boss, Intake manifold, Ford Mustang GT 428 CJ Ford FE-series V-8 428 Cobra-Jet 340 ps (335 bhp) 603 Nm Ford Mustang BOSS 429 Ford 385-series V-8 429 380 ps (375 bhp) 490 Nm Shortly before the launch of the 2012 Ford Mustang Boss 302 in 2011, we put the spurs to the original Boss Squad - the 1969 Ford Mustang Boss 302, 1969 Ford Mustang 428 Cobra Jet Engine Specs. 3 While Ford offered 2017 Hot Rod Network. 429. com/youtube?q=428+cobra+jet+vs+429+boss&v=J6f4T9dYrPQ Feb 9, 2014 Very healthy Boss 429 runs a 10. 00 : For sale in our St. 428 cobra jet vs 429 boss It depends on what cobra jet engine you are talking about. 428 FE: Which Engine is Boss? do you remember the overwhelming aura surrounding a big-brute Cobra Jet Mach 1 or many as 429 ci into a 351W Find great deals on eBay for Ford 429 Engine in Complete Engines. Ford Mustang 428 Cobra Jet commercials of '69