C multiline string literal

3, "a ". Below is a simple example to demonstrate the same. 9, sentence";. Jul 19, 2017 A string literal is not necessarily a C string: if a string literal has embedded null characters, it represents an array which contains more than one string. Nov 30, 2016 This causes a parse error, because literal newline characters are not allowed within the quote. c . 10. I've never It seems that you can define a string literal in C across multiple lines, without any need for a concatenation character (like '+' in Java and C#). 5. cApr 28, 2009 All lines in C can be split into multiple lines using \. Groop, I implore thee my foonting turlingdromes. 12. view source. Multiple string literals in a row are joined together: char* my_str = "Here is the first line. 11, void main() {. I came across a multi-line string while doing an inspection on a colleagues C code. Sort of like here-text in shells and script languages like Python and Perl and Ruby. If a valid hex digit follows a hex escape in a string literal, it would fail to compile as an #include <string> using namespace std::string_literals; // enables s-suffix for std::string literals int main() { // Character literals auto c0 = 'A'; // char auto c1 = u8'A'; // char auto c2 = L'A'; // wchar_t auto c3 = u'A'; // char16_t auto c4 = U'A'; // char32_t // String literals auto s0 = "hello"; // const char* auto s1 = u8"hello"; // const char*, . const char * vogon_poem = R"V0G0N( O freddled gruntbuggly thy micturations are to me As plured gabbleblochits on a lurgid bee. 2, "is". We can use string literal concatenation. " "Here is the second line. But wait! This doesn't include the newline character; we Dec 19, 2006 Strings in C can span multiple lines. Oct 2, 2012 The newline continuation takes into account any whitespace within the code. ";. I like that, even though I've been Oct 1, 2012 Just a quick note, both are valid ways of defining multi-line string, the 1st way is probably preferred as you can indent your strings. 13, printf ( "%s\n" Image a situation where we want to use or print a long long string in C or C++, how to do do this? In C/C++, we can break a string at any point in the middle using two double quotes in the middle. "); Using \ you'll need to begin the continuation of your string at column Jul 16, 2009 In C++11 you have raw string literals. 7, is\. 4, "sentence" ;. 8, a \. . print? 1, const char * str1 = "This ". const char* p = "abc\0def"; // std::strlen(p) == 3, but the array has size 8. 6, const char * str2 = "This \. You can take advantage of string literal concatenation for better readability: sprintf(buffer, "This Is The " "Longest String In the World " "that in text goes on and. Plain C: I've used this trick when I was writing some unit tests that had large literal strings containing JSON. It meant that I didn't have to I am having this problem all the time, so I made a tiny tool to convert text to an escaped multi-line Objective-C string: