Books, paper, and writing supplies also includes inks, quills, chalk, chalkboards, and other equipment either for writing, to store written things, or similar items. Drawing a line with the chalk creates a wall of force that is as long as the line and extends 10 feet perpendicular to the surface on which the line was drawn. Perhaps not in combat, but in a surprise round. Books | Inks and Writing Utensils | Things to Write, Paint, or Draw On | Other Writing Supplies and Tools. Books. Drawing a 5-foot line is a standard action that provokes acts of opportunity. Each wall lasts 10 minutes; the bearer of the chalk can dismiss a section of wall as a swift Powder: Powdered chalk, flour, and similar materials are popular with adventurers for their utility in pinpointing invisible creatures. A much more effective method is to spread powder on a surface Jul 3, 2014 You could carry 5 lb bags of rocks and hang them over doors; you could toss 5 lb sacks of chalk dust 15' to test if there's something in a square; you could hold a 4 lb pot of scalding water (1 lb of liquid) and pour it on someone/thing. Oh, and one other thing: a Nov 29, 2013 Smokesticks; caltrops; spiked gauntlets; hammer and nails/pitons; crowbar; sacks of chalk powder, charcoal powder, or flour; empty bags and boxes (preferably waterproof); notebook or loose paper, pen, and extra vials of ink (in vials that will break if thrown with force), bottle of strong alcohol (it's flammable, . Throwing a bag of powder into a square is an attack against AC 5, and momentarily reveals if there is an invisible creature there