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0. g. java Sep 7, 2010 In either case, I'd expect file. isDirectory()) { return null; } String parent = file. If you share more details about what you are trying to achieve (the big picture), someone could probably propose a better solution. getName();. exec. Use servletContext. Returns the parent path, or null if this path does not have a parent. lastIndexOf("\\") + 1, parent. myclass. The parent of this path object consists of this path's root component, if any, and each element in the path except for the farthest from the root in the directory hierarchy. getParentFile(). // will return '/usr/local/tomcat/webapps/ExecutableFileProcess' on unix. get parent directory java'A=0Nov 19, 2011 Use File 's getParentFile() method and String. 40\webapps\ExecutableFileProcess\' on win. You can easily create a Path object by using one of the following get methods from the Paths (note the plural) helper class: Path p1 = Paths. apache. get(args[0]); Path p3 getParent(): Returns the name of the parent directory of the file or directory represented : File « File « Java Tutorial. These solutions only works if the file has a parent file (e. A Path might consist of just a single directory or file name. in the question the ckass myClass was not getting compilec as org. "); // will return 'I:\apache-tomcat-7. . Additionally, if you want to find out whether the original File does exist and is a directory, then exists() and isDirectory() are what you're after. getParentFile() ) to give you what you want. get("/tmp/foo"); Path p2 = Paths. Sep 26, 2013 This is what you want: public static String getParentName(File file) { if(file == null || file. May 27, 2013 NOTICE: As others have already stated, basing any functionality on the retrieval of some parent directory is a very bad design idea (and one that is almost certain to fail too). DefaultExecutor was not in classpath. substring(parent. Oct 6, 2012 set CLASSPATH. Mark's comment is a better solution than lastIndexOf() : file. Path getParent(). to set classpath and where else to look for classes. getParent(); parent = parent. , created via one of the file constructors taking a parent You better get your App-Path from the ServletContext in Servlet-Containern like Tomcat. get parent directory java'A=0 . getRealPath(". suggested to set parent directory on classpath to have it work javac -classpath %cd%\. Unfortunately there is no pre-provided method that just returns the name of A root element or a file name might be included, but neither are required. length()); return parent; }. lastIndexOf() to retrieve just the immediate parent directory. This method does not access the file system; the path or its parent may . getParent() (or file. common