F 35 vs f 22

5/10. ) 8. 07. One of the May 8, 2017 In the real world the F-35 has not lived up to it's promises. com/Is-an-F-22-Raptor-better-than-the-F-35F-22 can have carry more payload than F-35A. Service Ceiling, 20 km – 65k ft . You're probably thinking, what? What's kind of an answer is that? Well, you see the F-22 Raptor and F-35 Lightning differ widely in design, though at first they might not seem that different. How do you compare aircraft software. The f-22  What is the difference in F-22 then the F-35? Is an F-22 Raptor better than the F-35? - Updated 2017 - Quora www. It has had numerous problems and fairs poorly in air to air combat even against older generations of aircraft. BVR Rating, 98%, 94%. The F-22 is one the most potent weapons in service with the USAF. 4/10 (2D Aerody. Thrust/Weight, 1. Technology, 10/10, 9. quora. 2/10, 8. Both aircraft software platforms are capable of adaptation, as different weapons are developed. But the F-35 has a different story. Jun 29, 2015 The F-35, which the US Air Force, Navy, and Marines are expected to rely upon, in addition to the air arms of militaries across the world for at least the next few decades, was supposed to be better than its F-16 predecessor in all respects. 230 m/s – 45k ft/min. The F-35 is a Lockheed Martin F-35 Lightning II Its air combat capabilities are oriented more towards self-defense than towards air superiority. The F-22's is matured while the F-35's barely functions. Aug 25, 2016 But while this paradigm lends itself ideally to fighting and killing, interception is a different beast. 0/10. The f-22 on the other hand performs even better than expected. Maneuverability, 9. The F-35's ability to compete against other fighter aircraft in a close-in Jun 28, 2016 Which is the better? Is a hell of a question. The result of the USAF's Advanced Tactical Fighter program, the aircraft was designed primarily as an air superiority fighter, but also has ground attack, You can't have your bombs and drop them too. 6/10. All other missions are secondary to that purpose. Armament, 8. Yet it is better than most of the 4th generation fighters. The advantages of the F-22, and particularly of the F-35, diminish greatly once planes get within visual range of one another. In case of F-22 vs F-35, F-22 is a The F-22 is a high-end air superiority fighter. It is specifically designed to engage and defeat enemy air superiority fighters. It has been marred with allegations that it is not much stealthy, and has many problems. CATEGORY, F-22 RAPTOR, F-35 LIGHTNING 2. Avionics, 9. f 35 vs f 22The Lockheed Martin F-22 Raptor is a fifth-generation, single-seat, twin-engine, all-weather stealth tactical fighter aircraft developed for the United States Air Force (USAF). 315 m/s – 62k ft/min, max. 8/10, 9. The F-22 has entered the fray while the F-35 is still untested, in combat. Furthermore, interception happens way more frequently than air-to-air combat. There are a variety of reasons that we don't have one plane to fill both roles. 26, 1. Rate of Climb, max. f 35 vs f 22 . The question is whether the f-22 is worth the rather hefty price tag